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In today's digital world personal branding is more important than ever and it all starts with an awesome headshot. Whether you need a LinkedIn profile picture or an image for your website, getting a great headshot is a necessity. Over-the-phone relationships aren't enough anymore - people like to see who they are interacting with. What easier way to create a human connection than with a headshot that showcases the real you? Lighting that flatters is a given, but expression coaching is where the magic happens... you'll be looking confident and approachable and we'll have a blast at the same time!


Book your shoot and we'll fire up some
incredible headshots together.


Enjoy a brew while we review your headshots
and YOU CHOOSE which images you'd like.


The whole process isn't complicated enough
for a third step... I've made sure of it!!!


Stand out amongst the crowd... casting directors look through hundreds and hundreds of headshots and you'll need an eye catching one to get yourself noticed. A headshot isn't just a photo of what you look like, it shows your personality too. A great expression will engage the viewer and keep them captivated. A minimalist image with no distractions will hold their gaze and draw them in. The last thing you want is a busy headshot with lots of distractions fighting for attention.

The world's top actors are taught how to control their expressions to look cool and engaging - you won't find many images of Brad Pitt looking like a dork. I've got the coaching and advice to mould your expression and together we'll achieve an awesome headshot that you and the casting directors will love!


Business is built on trust... creating a human connection and developing a good relationship with your client is fundamental. What quicker way to do that than a friendly, professional, approachable headshot? It's the first step in personal branding and today's world is far too competitive to sell yourself short. Representing yourself at 100% will help to grow your business. A strong headshot will build assurance for your clients, whether that's B2B or B2C, saving you time, money and energy to get on with the important things.

A solid headshot should be the foundation of any great marketing strategy, helping your customers to buy into you and your brand!

By far the best headshot photographer I've come across. I was gob-smacked with how the pictures came out. Mike made the session really fun and relaxed whilst being professional and giving brilliant tips on how to deliver an image that would stand out to casting directors. Thanks Mike!

- Esther

Mike is one of the most professional and friendly photographers I have ever met... His commitment to his work really shines through and his ability to make me laugh constantly throughout the entire shoot made me feel so much more comfortable. I can honestly not recommend Mike highly enough... He will provide you with pictures that show not just your face, but your personality too! I am in love with my new headshots, thank you so much Mike!

- Chloe

Took my daughter to Mike today for her acting headshots and we were very impressed! Mike is a very good photographer with a lot of knowledge. They are by far the best headshots she’s had done and we'll definitely be visiting him again once Morgan's headshots become outdated. Very recommended.

- Kerrianne



    Each headshot session is charged as a £100 flat fee... the most important thing is that you leave with the images you were hoping for. To ensure quality comes first, I don't put a time limit on your shoot. Each session is completely tailored to your wishes and takes as long as it takes. Some have tighter schedules than others and I am completely led by you. Everything is unlimited - costume changes, background changes, expression coaching and time. This guarantees a relaxed shoot and amazing headshots that you'll be proud of!

    We will review your images together during the shoot and can discuss any changes needed, experimenting and mixing things up as we go.

    At the end of your shoot we will narrow down your favourite images. I will use my extensive experience to guide you and offer suggestions, but the ultimate decision belongs to you! You are in complete control of what you buy!

    Fully retouched images are £50 each and payment is taken at the end of your shoot. Images are supplied digitally as jpegs of varying sizes and resolutions to accommodate different uses and platforms.

    All returning clients will receive a 10% discount for life!

    Please contact me for group pricing.


    A £50 deposit is required to secure your shoot and is part of the £100 shoot fee. It's not uncommon to reschedule a shoot when life gets manic and the unexpected springs up, so please get in touch if you need to reschedule, not a problem. Your deposit will only be forfeited if you don't show up.


    I am happy to shoot anywhere you need me... all I need is a power supply and approximately 5x7 metres of free, empty space. Travel will be charged at 45 pence per mile and parking costs will be passed on too.

  • YOU

    It's totally normal to feel anxious and worry about having photographs taken. I have your back and will guide you every step of the way. Your comfort is top of my list! I often play music during a shoot and have a great understanding of PSYPHOTOLOGY - where the worlds of photography and psychology collide.

    It's important that my portfolio has a consistent style so that my clients know what to expect and aren't hit with any surprises. With the latest kit, lighting techniques and retouching skills you're in safe hands.

    I shoot grey and white backgrounds which don't distract from you. A headshot should be all about the expression and what message you are conveying. I have all the tips you need to appear more confident, friendlier, slimmer, bulkier, healthier; you name it.


    The main rule of thumb is to have nothing that distracts from you and your expression/energy. So, I always advise to avoid jewellery, busy clothing or anything that may pull the viewers eye. But, ultimately, it's your headshot so just be you! Please arrive with your hair and makeup camera-ready.

    Hair – Gents... just need to do their thing. Ladies... I generally shoot hair down and maybe shoot with it up towards the end of the shoot (if it’s a vibe we both fancy). We just need to keep on top of the hair and ensure that it doesn’t become unruly. The odd hair out of place isn't an issue and can be easily retouched.

    Clothing - I would recommend that you bring as many tops as you like. If you love it, bring it with you, I can’t shoot it if you leave it at home. A mixture of necklines is always a bonus - formal shirt, round-neck t-shirt, strappy top for ladies, a few jackets etc. Please aim for plain black, white or grey, coloured tops also work well. Distracting patterns, loud colours or logos are best avoided.

    Makeup - Please arrive hydrated and it is always a good idea to use lip balm for a few days before your shoot. Greasy skin, spots etc are all best dealt with in Photoshop, so please don’t panic!! Blokes don’t need any makeup WHATSOEVER (please don’t do it lads!). Ladies... please don’t go nuts - think job interview, not nightclub. Aim for a natural look, avoiding bright eye shadow or contouring etc. Less is more and it’s easier to apply more during the shoot, rather than remove, so please feel free to bring your makeup along. Lip gloss always looks better than matt lipstick.


    Retouching is used sparingly to help you look your best. It's important that you look natural. The aim is to remove any blemishes, remove the odd out-of-place hair and clean fluff from clothing. Skin tone is generally evened out and I tend to leave permanent features, such as scars and birthmarks, alone (unless you say otherwise). I often have open conversations with my clients about retouching and listen carefully, noting any requests they may have. I'm not a supporter of heavy retouching, where skin doesn't look real and people start to look fake.

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