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School Marketing

A huge amount of my work consists of school marketing photography.

I have gained a great deal of experience during the hundreds of school marketing shoots I have been involved in - from nurseries and primary schools, right up to high schools and universities.

These shoots can differ a lot, although the main principle remains the same - every photo should showcase the facilities on offer.

It's down to me to find the best bits of a particular school and show them off to look their best.

At the same time, each school has an image of themselves that they wish to convey - maybe the y use the latest technology, have great sports facilities or simply want to show their pupils having a great time. 

It is always important to get the tone of the photography right. A lot of schools would want to come across as successful and professional, while a lot of smaller primaries prefer the warmer images, illustrating friendship and traditional values.

It really isn't a case of one size fits all - I spend a lot of time discussing the needs of the school with the Head Teacher to ensure the photos hit the spot.

For me, as a photographer, these shoots are really rewarding. The varying challenges from one image to the next offers a great opportunity to practise and perfect a wide range of skills. 

I love the problem solving nature of school marketing photography...

Kids don't sit still for more than a milli-second, so quick thinking is always the deciding factor for the success of any image. 

Lighting conditions change constantly, from a dingy sports hall or computer room to brightly lit classrooms with a challenging mix of window light and fluorescents.

Photographing the daily life of a school is so interesting because there is always something going on - PE lessons, library work, painting, computer lessons, swimming, science experiments - the list is never ending, and I think thats what makes these shoots such great fun.

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