The Corinthia Hotel - Charity Fundraiser

The Corinthia is a luxury hotel in the heart of London's Whitehall. It's a beautiful venue, that I've been lucky enough to shoot a number of times during the last few years. It's an architecturally amazing building, originally designed as a hotel in the late 1800's, although it has been used as a government building . The surroundings make this a really exciting place to work...The Corinthia sits right next to Charing Cross Station, with views of The Victoria Embankment and Trafalgar Square, with Horse Guards just around the corner.

I recently visited the hotel for an annual charity fundraiser that I photograph. It's a fairly local charity to where I live and the organisers and guests are a great bunch of people, who do a tremendous job of supporting youngsters with autism. 

The Function Band were breathtaking and even had people standing on chairs to dance.

All of the charity events I have covered has given me a huge insight into some of the daily challenges and struggles that people face, from autism to brain injuries. It really is humbling.

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