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Everything that you need to view and purchase your photos is right here on-line. Mike Palmer Photography uses the best processing lab in the country... so you are only a few clicks away from receiving your beautiful products.

To view your images simply navigate to your own personal gallery and enter the password. If you have forgotten what that is, please give me a shout. The passwords are case sensitive, so please take care.

That's it!

Click 'Let Me In' to get a first look at your photos.

On your computer there is a blue button where you are able to 'Buy Photos'. This will lead you to the available products and their prices. You can also click an image to view an enlarged version.

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Untitled photo

This 'Buy Button' is not visible on some mobile phones and tablets. Instead... select an image to view an enlarged version, you will notice a blue 'Buy' button in the lower right corner of the screen. This will lead you to product information and pricing.

Please be aware that the 'Buy' and navigation buttons will disappear after a few seconds to allow for better photo viewing; tap the screen to get them back. 

There are many products to chose from, so use the round information buttons to get a full description.

The images can also be cropped to your liking too; look out for this facility as it differs slightly depending on operating system. 

That's everything that you need to know... so lets get to your photos!

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